Laundry Problems Caused by Hard Water and the Solutions.

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If you don’t know how hard your water is, the following laundry symptoms may imply how hard it is. In other words, if these symptoms occur, some solutions must be found, or your clothing will be worn out easily.

Laundry Symptoms Caused by Hard Water

  • Yellowing, graying or dinginess
  • General soil build-up
  • Fabrics feel stiff or harsh.
  • Fibers are easy to be broken and tear.
  • Colored fabrics have gray or white streaks.
  • If you find these symptoms, it means you have hard water.

What is Hard Water?

Hard water is found in 85 percent of America. Hard water is usually defined as having high levels of calcium and magnesium; the greater the concentration of these minerals, the harder the water.

Making It Softer

In hard water, much of the detergent used goes to soften the water instead of to clean the clothes.

If your water is hard, soap will not perform well. This is because most of the detergent is used to soften the water but not used to clean your clothes. This also means, in order to clean your clothes, more detergent is required to use at a higher water temperature. This has 2 drawbacks: costing you more money to buy soap and causing water pollution if phosphate is contained in the detergent.

It is really not a good idea using more detergent to soften water, but we can choose washers that have nonprecipitating ion-exchange water conditioners. This means water will be softened in the washer. You can buy these water conditioners in your local grocery stores. If you find it is not easy to get, you can buy water softeners online, like Here is a list of best water softeners.

Of course, if you want to soften all your water throughout your house, you also can have a water softener system connected to your water supply line. However, if the system is not a salt-free water softener, this means the system mostly uses sodium to replace magnesium and calcium in the water. Therefore, if someone is on a sodium-restricted diet, the water may be not suitable for consumption. And in this situation, consulting your physician is a good idea.

Fixing the Laundry Problems

Well, if there are some problems caused by hard water occurs, in order to remedy them, first, you should add enough hottest water in the washer.

Add one cup of water conditioner and more than 4 times normal amount of detergent in the water. And then make it agitated enough in order to wet the fabric (clothes). The next thing is to wait for about 12 hours to make it soak overnight. And then, make the washer drain and spin. The last thing is to launder. This time, you just use a regular cycle without any water conditioner or detergent needed.

If necessary, you also can repeat using 1 cup of water conditioner until no suds are watched during the rinses. A bleach and 1 cup of water conditioner is needed to use for laundering, so that all dinginess can be removed. Bleach used is safe for your clothes. Don’t worry about it.

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