Cute Wall Mirrors - December 2021

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Cute wall mirrors

  • EASY FOR HANGNING:With 2 hook and 1 comb ,that makes it easy to hang wall hooks or screws.pls kindly comb the macrame tapestry before you hanging it up,so that it will looks more beautiful.
  • SIZE: Total diameter 17.5" , diameter of the mirror is 9.8". Is ideal size for home wall decoration Hook on the back, allowing a quick and easy installation.
  • FRAME: Aluminum alloy frame, black color, elegant. Very thin frame (only 0.16" wide on front), wire drawing treat, simpler and more textured. No discoloration, no odor, safe and environmentally friendly.
  • ALL-MATCH: The mirror is ready to lean to the wall, or free standing with the stand at anywhere, or it can be wall-mounted either vertically or horizontally with the gourd hooks on the back (one hook on each side), fits almost everywhere indoor or outdoor.
  • 【100% Satisfaction Service】Mirrors are fragile goods, it is difficult to control in transit though we have packaged well. But we 100% stand behind all of our products. If any concern or issue with your products or orders, just contact us without hesitation, we are always here to serve for you and will fully protect your benefit.
  • 【Full Size & Head-to-Toe View】Full size 55"x21", this lighted wall mirror is large enough for you to see your entire outfit in a single glance, provides you a head-to-toe view, you won't complain about its size anymore.
  • Very Bright LED Belts with 2835 chips 120pcs per Meter, up to 50,000 hours. IP44 Water proof Frame structure.
  • 0.2" High Quality Mirror, Copper Free
  • 【MULTIFUNCTIONAL】The full-length mirror can be tilted to the wall or stand anywhere with brackets, and it can also be installed on the wall vertically. The hook on the back is suitable for almost all places indoors or outdoors.
  • 【FULL SIZE】65”x22”. The large floor mirror help you to see your full body. When open the H-shape bracket and placed the mirror on the ground, a triangular support will be formed between the bracket and the mirror, it is very stable, the mirror can stand freely anywhere.
  • 100% SATISFACTION SERVICE - In case any problem or you are not satisfied, please tell us without hesitation, we will try our best to solve your problem
  • DIY FREE DISPLAY - Can be combined as you wish, whatever square, rectangle or in other shapes, to make your home more elegant and warm. Perfect for door mirror, body mirror, Gym mirror, dance mirror and home décor
  • ★Confidence guarantee. All mirrors with tightly packed to ensure without damage when they are reaching you. No need to worry, please rest assured to order!
  • ★The total diameter with fringe is 13.8", the diameter of the mirror is about 9.8". It's a perfect size for home decor. NOTE-There is a protective film on the surface of the mirror. Please tear it before usage to ensure its high definition.
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If you have any questions about Cute wall mirrors or any of our other products, we're here to help. Contact us if you need help resolving your issues.

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